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  • 1.  Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 09:29
    I've just started using the Continuous Glucose Monitor, and the sensor only lasted 4 days before it fell out.  Obviously this was really disappointing, but Abbots did at least send me a replacement.  They also told me to use a waterproof adhesive tape on the sensor to keep it in for the 14 days.  Does anyone have any advice on what sort of tape I should use?  I want something clear that doesn't make the sensor look even more noticeable.

  • 2.  RE: Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 14:45
    RockTape H2O in skin tone. (The H2O is extra sticky).
    Cut a hole in tape to line up with breather hole on Libre.
    Round off the corners so there are fewer places for the tape to lift.
    Place on the back of the upper arm rather than the side to reduce tearing it off on doorways.


  • 3.  RE: Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 17:45
    Thanks for that David.....will give it a go.  I was worried about putting the sensor on the under part of my arm because I swing my arms when I walk and thought it might rub off.

  • 4.  RE: Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 19:01
    Narelle, I tried a Libre last year and it lasted about 11 days.  I was very careful but I have an active life.  I started to cover it with an old sock (toe cut off) to stop it getting caught on something.  Your could try an elastic cuff instead.  Maybe fix the cuff in place with tape so that it doesn't slide down and take the sensor with it.  
    I use XL "tough" Band Aid brand plasters (for small injuries) which stay on for quite a while.  The sensor would sit under the dressing.  Maybe also try wrapping tape completely around your arm.


  • 5.  RE: Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 20:53
    Thanks Jock.  I did actually think about some sort of arm cover just when I'm sleeping to make sure it doesn't rub on the sheets.  I'm also quite active but realistically the product should be suitable for everyday life :)


  • 6.  RE: Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 21:03
    Narelle, I have never needed a "cover" for my sensor. I usually wear long sleeve shirts when working on our property so I guess they are a kind of cover. I garden, exercise and have a pretty active life but have not had problems. I am surprised it came off if your CDE applied it.

    While my sensors stay o really well, at the end of the 14 days I find they are easy to just gradually ease them off. However, if you are having trouble getting it off at the end of the 2 weeks, put olive or baby oil all over the sensor and skin around it and leave for a couple of minutes. The oil seems to "dissolve" the sticky stuff holding it on. It is not usually painful to pull it off.


  • 7.  RE: Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 22:00

    I think the fact that they publish a guide with a bunch of extra procedures and extra products that are needed to keep the sensor in place says to me that the product is not really sufficiently well engineered for general use.

    The advantage of a wide adhesive tape is that when you catch the edge of the sensor, you will pull the skin with it. Hopefully those millimeters of moving together is enough to not dislodge the filament from your skin.
    Having read about other people's experiences with the Libre, there is a lot of variation. Some people have no issues at all, some people knock them easily and some people just shed the adhesive.


  • 8.  RE: Freestyle Libre

    Posted 05-02-2021 19:59
    Hi Narelle
    Shame you have had problems with your Libre Flash Monitor. I have been using it on and off for probably 3 years I think and constantly since March 2020 when I could get them subsidised.
    I have only had one come off early and that was on the 13th day when I caught it on the seatbelt while searching awkwardly in the car. I used tape the first time I put it on as I was ultraconcerned about it coming off, but have not used it since, and I found it difficult to put it on as it was hard to see what I was doing. I think Diabetes Qld or NDSS could help if you gave them a call. I think some people with CGMs or other pump paraphernalia use tape sometimes so I am sure the diabetes organisations would be able to help.

    I am very careful to prepare my arm before applying the sensor. I exfoliate really really well the night before and do not use moisturiser. In the morning I use the two alcohol wipes that come with the sensor to thoroughly clean the area. I do not wash the area before applying the wipes or sensor. I put the applicator together as per instructions and apply the sensor as instructed with a pretty firm push to make sure it adheres properly and wait a few seconds for it to get a good hold. I take the applicator off carefully so as not to pull the sensor too much. Sometimes it takes a little wiggle to make sure you are pulling straight off.
    I have never had a problem in the heat or in the shower but I am very careful drying my arm and putting on and taking off clothes. I try to remember not to put my handbag on the shoulder of the sensor arm just in case it slips down and catches. This has happened but it has not pulled off. I also caught it in wire netting when fencing but it did not pull off.

    Just remember not to dose insulin or for hypos based on the sensor data alone. It is not always accurate enough for this and you may go too low or too high. For some reason over the last 3 months my reader has been wildly out by up to 2 to 3mm on some scans. It is really starting to annoy me but I do appreciate the general guide to my BGL and the trend arrows are a great help for managing. I am thinking of getting myself a new reader just in case the old one which I started in October (after the previous one wore out) is not functioning properly.

    Good luck with your new sensor and hope it helps with your BGLs.
    Kind regards