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  • 1.  Question for Katherine

    Posted 15-07-2020 12:52
    Hi Katherine

    Can you explain to me why I have waves of higher and lower readings of my BGL.
    Whole my live as a Type 1 diabetic (49  years ) my BGL goes in waves. Periods higher, periods lower. At the moment for 5 months now I'm on the lower side with many Hypo's. My normal HbA1c is about 7.1    7.2.    2 month ago I was 6.9. Awful, too many Hypo's.  Now I'm still on the lower side with too many Hypo's.  Just last night before bed, I had 7.3. By 1 o'clock I dropped till 2.6.  Why..?
    I had used every night before bed at 23.30      30 units of levemir. That works good if my reading is about 8.5 before bed. I would say, to much levemir, but my Endo said to me don't change that.
    My body starts to react if becoming under 5.
    Can you explain what is going on???