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  • 1.  Injecting in public

    Posted 12-09-2021 09:45
    Good morning

    I have been a diabetic for 50+ years and started injecting using glass syringes and metal needles that needed disinfecting in boiling water on the old stove 🤪 It took me until Insulin Pens came on the market before I started injecting in public before then I would always know where the toilets were anywhere I went.

    Most people are now aware of Diabetes and the treatments but, as somebody else has commented, the public are usually unaware of what you are doing. Many of my friends are aware to the extent that they often ask whether I did my injection because they hadn’t noticed me do it!!

    Good luck and stay safe everyone.

    Penny Wilson
    Mob: +61 419 436 733

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  • 2.  RE: Injecting in public

    Posted 13-09-2021 06:19
    I don't have a problem injecting in public.I do it discreetly ie not make a show about doing it as there are some people who have needle phobias (a recognised medical condition trypanophobia)

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  • 3.  RE: Injecting in public

    Posted 13-09-2021 15:05
    Hi Penny,

    Also been a T1 for 50+ yrs. I had the same experience as you with the glass syringes etc. In the early days it was only 1 injection a day so dining out was not really an issue.  
    It all changed when I had to move to multiple injections a day. The insulin pens made dining out so much easier. Initially I injected in my upper legs and so if in long pants I also had to find a toilet. 
    My endo, at the time, suggested the stomach was a better place to inject as the insulin worked better and more reliably. I initially found it hard mentally to inject in my stomach but I just had to get over this.

    I soon decided I did not care what others thought about me injecting as the meal arrived. The short acting insulin works quite quickly so my endo said do not inject until the meal arrives from the kitchen. He was also a T1 diabetic.


  • 4.  RE: Injecting in public

    Posted 22-11-2022 19:00
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    Hi Andsley,

    Helena found?? this article from the Hills to Hawkesbury magazine from
    2016 mentioning me and the Alive 90.5 Trivia Night. I was looking for
    another newspaper article but cannot find it, from about 2001-2005,
    Hills Shire Times or Hills News. I know when we stepped down in 2006 a
    lot of "old" material was destroyed by an incoming board.