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  • 1.  David

    Posted 12-03-2022 14:25
    Hi David,
    Your discussion was certainly no diatribe! Diabetes Australia is doing amazing work considering 50% of Type1 diabetics have now some access to subsidised CGM'S. Yet for those left out of this inequitable Subsidy, as you state, must stand up and be counted to those holding the purse strings. Political advocacy is no easy task and you highlight very relevant methods to obtain change. Also, as we note the truth of this massive inequitable distribution of CGM cannot be hidden or brushed aside. By standing up as a group is sometimes the only way to to pressure those in power and as we know that's the exact reason for this open forum, established by Diabetes Australia.
    The Human Insulin debacle was a world wide catastrophe, with many innocent  diabetics  like you and me hospitalised or even worse dying in their sleep. No follow up or apologies by multinational drug companies. I rang up the company at the time, spoke to the doctor at the  "gate" who simply denied any problems, even though there happened to be so many people ringing him up. Again, maybe if we all stood up to be counted there could have been accountability.  A shocking time for any Type1 diabetic!