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  • 1.  How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 27-08-2020 15:45
    Hi Members,

    A question to try to get the conversation flowing.

    How do you feel about starting insulin? My doctor says I'll need to start it soon.

    Live Your Life Community Team
    Natasha and Erin

  • 2.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 27-08-2020 16:05
    My immediate reaction was that I was a failure, that I couldn't maintain control with diet and Metformin.
    The Dr then pointed out that starting insulin was really to prevent (or slow down) the development of the many nasty side effects that can come from this disease. That made me feel better and more accepting of the idea of insulin.
    Don't be worried or upset about it.

  • 3.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 28-08-2020 00:47
    Sorry all but I was the one that asked for it . Now that I have bitten the bullet so to speak I have never sleept longer and deeper in years . weights a bit up and down but I am having a treat here and there . EG sugar free soft drink ,ice block , a hamburger . But More deeper sleep means more energy to burn some of the weight off and stay active . I should have gone to insulin years ago .

  • 4.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 29-08-2020 15:56
    I have been on insulin for more than 20 years. It is simply part of my routine. Nothing to worry about I can assure all those starting out on it. You certainly get used to it!


  • 5.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 01-09-2020 16:04
    How wonderful to hear from  people like you -Brian& Bradley.
    I too had lots of foreboding when I-went onto Insulin. . It has made life more easier & manageble ,especially if one is busy & travels extensively. 
    Insulin is not the"dark boogie man" , - it actually is far more better for you in your diabetes's  management.,& I have reduced my medication drastically,- And both of you are right on cue.  
    I've been on it for almost 9-10 yrs,& my HBA1C &  BGL reading is always in the acceptable ranges.: only injecting small amount ,twice a day & once before bedtime10-12 units) 
    Margaret Gracie

  • 6.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 28-08-2020 09:36
    Hi Win,
    You are most certainly correct. Initially I felt the same --I must not be controlling my diabetes well to hve to progress into insulin
    How greatly wrong I was. Going into Insulin, have made things more manageable( esp as I was  " carting around" great amounts of medication whilst travelling extensively. Not only do Insulin helps maintaining my daily BGL level to an acceptable level -  4 -6 mmol ,I seem to be able to hve more freedom with my choice of foods( even those "sometimes food"-all in small potions),include some Carbs as well.
    You just hve to get your GP/Endorcrinologist to monitor the ones that suits you best.
    I've been on insulin  for almost 10 yrs- still going well, lots of energy & BGL& HBA1C  all  with great results .
    Bottom line - Insulin is not the Boogie-man. Go for it.
    Margaret Gracie

  • 7.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 28-08-2020 20:11

    I resisted stepping up to insulin for some time as I was concerned about injecting but once I started I soon realised that I should not have had the concerns. First up it was great to get off Metforum with the associated bowel and skin irritation problems after 13 years followed by the return of my love of food. Secondly the injections are not a hassle as I am on 2 a day, before breakfast and dinner, therefore in the privacy of my home.

     I did not feel that I was a failure in not controlIng  the disease with tablets as I realise that it is a progressive disease and that there appears to be more control with adjustment of insulin dosage. Following discussions in this forum I have adjusted my diet with a partial low carb approach, reducing sweets and alcohol input,  that is seeing a slight drop in my insulin need.

     I will continue to experiment with food etc  input and look towards further ideas from this forum.


  • 8.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 28-08-2020 14:53
    I have been on insulin the last 15 years. I actually ask te doctor for it, hoping not to need any more pills. Not so.
    I have Diaformin AND insulin, but doing quite well. I wish you well.
    Cheers, Ted


  • 9.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 29-08-2020 07:58
    I felt panic, failure and despondency after my GP said 'insulin next' in 2015.
    I did Prof Taylor's "Newcastle Diet" and lost 15kg. Managed on 500mg metformin.
    Regained 10kg and recently my GP said 'insulin next'. Back to feelings of 'panic, failure, despondency'.
    Also back to the "Newcastle Diet", lost 7kg and BGLs tracking in low 5's.
    Panic and despondency fading. Lesson for me is  - keep below my 'personal fat threshold', stay there and keep exercising.


  • 10.  RE: How do you feel about starting insulin?

    Posted 30-08-2020 13:19
    Hi everyone,

    I was very fortunate.

    After being diagnosed with T2D early last year, my then doctor, unkindly informed me that my blood glucose level of 8.1 required me to begin taking Metformin immediately, and that because Diabetes is a Progressive Disease, I would need increasing levels of daily Insulin injections soon after that, until I was dead.

    The first thing that I did was look up Metformin on the internet, and as with most drugs, you can get a lot of information about them and their pros and cons (side effects).
    I was ALARMED to read on several different medical sites that if you took a certain drug type, which I was at the time, that it was highly recommended that you do NOT take Metformin.
    At that point, I knew I needed a new doctor!

    After effectively Reversing my Diabetes over the next six months, through a Very Low Carbohydrate way of eating, and occasional Time Restricted Eating , I am now currently out of the woods.
    I don't reasonably envisage having to take Any diabetic medications in the foreseeable future, so long as I don't go back to eating the rubbish foods that caused my BGLs to spike. 

    Just as I have avoided having to take Diabetic medications by simply, but Significantly Reducing Carbohydrate Consumption, the internet is flooded with personal stories from Thousands of Diabetics who have done the exact same thing.

    Go to Facebook - Look up "Reversing Diabetes Type 2 Support Group", "Type 2 Diabetes LCHF Australia", "Low Carbohydrate Recipes". Low Carb Down Under", "Dr. James Muecke"

    Do the same on YouTube - "Beat Diabetes", "Dr. Jason Fung", etc.

    It is pretty much NORMAL to read about people not needing medications and instead, controlling their Diabetes through diet changes. 

    Most of these Ordinary People, were taking Diabetic medications, and have now been able to eliminate the need for them, or severely reduced their quantities through assistance from their medical team. 
    If you reduce your Carbs, and you already take medications,  you will  need to regulate any reduction in meds with assistance from your doctor.

    NO WAY do I ever want to take Insulin.

    Insulin makes you Fat, which makes your Diabetes worst, and then you need more insulin. That's Progressive.
    It's simply a Merry-go-round, and I don't want, or need to be a part of it.

    Following a Low Carbohydrate way of eating will help you lose weight and improve management of your Diabetes condition.