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  • 1.  Diabetes care plan

    Posted 05-11-2021 16:31

    My friend keeps telling me about a diabetes care plan – what is it and how do I get one?

    Live Your Life Community Team
    Natasha & Erin

  • 2.  RE: Diabetes care plan

    Posted 06-11-2021 15:53
    It's usually dietary suggestions & information about how often you should eat, when you should test your sugars, & when to take your meds, & what to do if you have a hypo. It's also about how often you should have a Hba1c test

    It's usually given to you by your doctor, your diabetes educator or your endocrinologist


  • 3.  RE: Diabetes care plan

    Posted 07-11-2021 06:30

    Hi All,

    In my experience a diabetic care plan is done by your GP and provides federal support for a designated number of dietitian, diabetic educator and/or podiatry appointments.

    You pay for the service (without using your private health cover) and the govt reimburses you a reasonable proportion of it).




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  • 4.  RE: Diabetes care plan

    Posted 07-11-2021 09:07
    I thought it was the plan the GP worked out with you, where you have 5 visits a year to, but not limited to, dietician, podiatrist, exercise physiologist, etc, or a combination of visits e.g. a 2/3 split between two specialists.


  • 5.  RE: Diabetes care plan

    Posted 07-11-2021 09:53
    In addition to the basics mentioned by Angela, the Diabetic Care Plan can also give you GP referrals to allied health professional services for specific diabetes related issues.  I have had referrals to physiotherapists (when treating frozen shoulders and knee problems) , exercise physiologists  (when I was about to start a personal training program and wanted guidance and advice on the best type of resistance training to help my diabetes management) and podiatrist.  The plan runs for twelve months and should be reviewed at least annually (depending on your level of control).  The referrals to the allied health professionals give you a total of five appointments in a twelve month period where you can get a Medicare refund for the appointment.  Appointments beyond the five Medicare ones need to be claimed on your health fund.  The five appointments can be all at one provider or split over several disciplines depending on your need. From memory in my first care plan I had three physio appointments and a couple of exercise physiologist appointments.  The mix can be adjusted by your GP.

    Hope that makes sense.


  • 6.  RE: Diabetes care plan

    Posted 08-11-2021 08:15
    Good morning all

    While attending the Beat it program I found out that Allied Health also covers 8 exercise physiology sessions  for Diabetic patients  in addition to the  5 annual treatments of your choice. Most GP's don't know about it. There is a special form to be filled in and taken to the exercise physiologist. The cost ist $22, refundable by medicare $17.60.


  • 7.  RE: Diabetes care plan

    Posted 08-11-2021 16:09
    I agree with you Gary. I had my care plan done for at least the last 10 years. It has included Physiotherapist sessions when I had bad back problems, Ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, podiatrist,  exercise physiologist, and others as needed. You discuss your needs with your doctor and come to an agreement on your needed services. Prices vary depending on willingness of service provider to accept just Medicare rebate.

    Stay safe and well