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Dexcom G6 sensor placement on inner arm

  • 1.  Dexcom G6 sensor placement on inner arm

    Posted 18-03-2023 06:32

    The best place for my Dexcom G6 sensor is on my inner arm.  I can roll over in bed and I never run into my sensor.  I do occasionally get some weird looks and facial expressions from the general public though.

    2cm away from your inner elbow, you will find a small bone.  In line with that small bone, run your finger up your inner arm.  This area has a lack of veins in a warm shower and is the perfect spot.  Place your hand so there are 4 finger widths from that small bone and you have found a great place for your Dexcom G6!  I always place the sensor upside down and use a feather light touch before pressing that big orange button.  Always place your Tandem pump (or other pump brand) on the side closest to your arm sensor.

    I generally use masking tape, and a fine liner pen to get the placement exactly in right position on my inner arm, using an old transmitter and sensor that I keep in a cute little makeup bag.

    My Tandem pump settings 'Sound Volume' are all on 'Vibrate', except for down the bottom of my screen, 'CGM Alerts' is set to 'Soft'.
    I have my 'High and Low' Tandem pump setting on High 9.1mmol/L for every 15 minutes.  And Low 5.5mmol/L on 'Never'.
    I also have my 'Low BG Reminder' set for 3.9mmol/L for every 10 minutes.
    And yes, the bipping is driving me nuts.

    I was using my Dexcom mobile phone app, and occasionally my Fitbit Versa 3 to connect to my mobile phone, but I got seriously burnt out and only use my Tandem pump to alert me to sensor readings now.  I still use my disconnected 'Glance' watch setting on my Fitbit Versa 3, as I like the font size on the watch face.   I don't use my mobile phone at all.

    I use Rightest blood glucose meters and glucose strips to test my BGL occasionally through out the day.  Sometimes I calibrate, but mostly I just leave my Dexcom sensor alone.  It is pretty accurate when I drink water.

    Make sure 'you' also write to Mark Butler, the Federal Greens, and your Federal member and ask them all for 'free insulin pumps'. 
    New Zealand and Canada are getting free insulin pumps, so get loud and use your voice!