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Discounting Prescriptions Every day!

  • 1.  Discounting Prescriptions Every day!

    Posted 03-06-2024 16:42
    Edited by Diabetes Australia 04-06-2024 15:55
    Hello everyone,
    I think that these advertisements could send a seriously wrong message to people living with Diabetes, who are making commendable attempts to improve their overall health and diabetic condition by focusing upon consuming healthy food options.
    This advertiser claims that because fresh foods are going up in price, people living with Diabetes can instead, be assured that their medications are being discounted by them, to help you with the current cost of living crisis.
    We need to be aware that the price of fresh foods is generally seasonal, and so a person living with diabetes can actually SAVE heaps of money by managing when to buy certain foods, as well as switching from harmful Ultra-Processed foods that generally contribute to our unhealthy BGL spikes.
    There are also immediate savings made by us, from the direct high costs of medications when you no longer need as many pills to treat medical issues.
    Our government will also save heaps of money because they currently heavily subsidise the elevated medication prices being charged to them, when outlaying our hard-earned tax dollars to just fill the coffers of these greedy companies."
    I find this form of advertising extremely Offensive and Immoral, on many levels.