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Foods that can heal a Fatty Liver

  • 1.  Foods that can heal a Fatty Liver

    Posted 26-09-2022 11:00
    You often hear of people diagnosed as living with T2D, and also being TOFI - Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside - This is in reference to thin people with T2D having a Fatty Liver condition, which also contributes to their insulin resistance and poor metabolic health.

    At the time of my T2D diagnosis, I was actually both - fat on the outside, and fat on the inside as well.

    According to my liver function blood test results, I was at the (bad) extreme of the range, well above 30.

    When I changed my way of eating by severely restricting my consumption of carbohydrates as much as possible, I was able to quickly move to the lower end of the scale, to the mid-teens, and thankfully, I have remained there, since my remission from T2D.

    I am very happy with that, and my other key health markers also improved at the same time. (Blood pressure, cholesterol, Hba1c, etc., with no meds needed)

    Dr. Sten Ekberg is one of my favorite sources of logical Holistic medical and dietary advice.

    He has almost 2.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

    I hope you enjoy this very informative video.


    Top 10 SUPER FOODS That Can Heal A FATTY LIVER
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    Top 10 SUPER FOODS That Can Heal A FATTY LIVER
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