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  • 1.  Freestyle Libre 2 sensor failures

    Posted 22-12-2022 15:44
    Another of the Libre 2 sensors failed yesterday. I have lost 3 this year and 6 last year. I sent in the failed sensors with screen shots etc and Abbott replaced some. I am still awaiting the rest. All were correctly applied and functioning, then they failed - yesterday was 8 days out of an expected 2 weeks.

    >>> Have others had these reliability issues?

    >>>> Has Abbott replaced them?


  • 2.  RE: Freestyle Libre 2 sensor failures

    Posted 23-12-2022 10:43
    Ian, I received two complimentary sensors, the first was fine, the second lasted 24 hours, it gave a message that the 14-day period had expired.  I contacted Abbott who provided packaging to return which I did.  It was replaced, this sensor was used without problems.  I have purchased more sensors but have not used them.  I found by using the sensors that some foods which I thought would be OK gave sugar spikes, so I have made dietary changes which have lowered blood sugar levels and HbA1c.  Regards


  • 3.  RE: Freestyle Libre 2 sensor failures

    Posted 24-12-2022 08:34
    While I had a lot of trouble with the original (Libre 1) sensors and discontinued using them, I have been using the Libre 2 sensors since July 2021 and can't recall having a problem with any of them. They have also proven to be very accurate, unlike the Libre 1 sensors.