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Where to discuss "Diet & Exercise" and monitoring / tracking / sharing devices & Apps? 

01-03-2024 17:35

The forums "Type 2 remission", "pumping and technology" and "Food and recipes" don't seem appropriate for what I'm specifically interested in.

I'd like to ask questions about "Diet & Exercise" w.r.t. Type 2,
especially if there's evidence that it works, for what groups and even 'dosage' trials.
The research into 'Remission' doesn't address normal state 'Diet & Exercise'.

My G.P. is very good, but doesn't take an active interest in my "Diet & Exercise" efforts.

He gives generic advice and applauds any achievements I make, but doesn't help me improve what I do, or be more effective.


Secondly, I'd like to be able to collect into a single place or App and the health, nutrition and activity / energy expenditure data I collect with various devices. This has to include uploading daily data to 'somewhere' where my G.P. and other health practitioners can see all this data presented together.  Ideally, there'd be some automatic monitoring with selected alerts generated for health practitioners who can act on it. My morning BGL's were inexplicably high for 7-10 days, but I can't log them, let alone discuss

I've tried addressing the data sharing issue with my G.P. and they don't accept email or data uploads, only paper print outs.

I use a Heart Rate belt when exercising so I can detect & record oddities, but 'no upload' rules apply: nobody tracks or seems interested in this data.

I've a fitness tracker which can do a 1-lead ECG if I have an 'episode', but 'no upload' rules mean I can't share with my G.P. or others.

I've discussed options for 'devices' with my G.P., E.P.'s and others and nobody can help in selecting a suitable fitness tracker / wearable device. Someone must've done studies or written expert comparisons - it's been 15 years since good smartWatches appeared, no idea about wrist-worn wearables.

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05-03-2024 13:47

Hi William,

This would be best added into Type 2 Connect as a Discussion Thread. So people can respond. Library entries are slightly different. When added as a Discussion Thread they will appear in the Daily Digest email of all members who receive them.

I can do this for you, if you wish. I will split your entry into two separate questions. I can also send the second part of your question on to our advocacy team who may have a response on if this can be done anywhere.

Please let me know if you would like me to go in and add these on your behalf.

With thanks, Ange

The first four new discussion forums are a test, and we can add more if we are starting to see a need for them.

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