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  • 1.  Cramps, potassium, etc.

    Posted 17-10-2020 07:59

    Hi folks that have problems with cramps....and HPs


    Here is an interesting article re Potassium:




    Cramps are mentioned along with Magnesium...and other stuff!


    I have never associated Potassium with cramps and referred to "Minerals for the Genetic Code"  but not found anything directly regarding Potassium causing cramps there.

    However the meridian that regulates potassium and its' associated minerals, Sodium, Cesium, Rubdium, Lithium and Iodine,  begins repair at 2AM which is before Mg.

    I take Mg, as Sea minerals, every day but have still been having some cramps so the article interested me.

    I don't eat as much fruit(Usually rich in K) as I used to as to as I am limiting carbs.

    The really interesting thing is that Potassium in food is not considered as effective as a supplement????


    Anybody, including HP's, have any ideas or are you all as mystified as me?


    I suppose the obvious is to experiment with a supplement(tablets or apple cider vinegar) and see if the cramps decrease?

    How many things does one have to take!!!