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  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Hi all, This National Diabetes Week the Diabetes Australia team have been out all over the country, at events, meeting people, speaking and raising awareness about our campaign. Unite in the Fight for Tech. You will find some of the news coverage ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Hi all, Just a reminder NDSS have recently released new programs for the coming months - please take the time to have a look and register for events near you - especially as places are often limited. You can search programs and events coming ...

  • Posted in: Type 2 - Connect

    Just another coment - from a political reactionary? .... The government's job is to distribute the tax collected in all its forms to the community. It has the job of selecting the best use of funds available. To date governments have clearly preferred ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Hi all, Happy Friday! Wishing you all a safe and relaxing weekend. For those interested in watching or those wanting to watch again, here is a link to the recording of this weeks webinar with our accredited practising dietitian and health coach, ...

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