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    Check if your phones software system is compatible with the other types of CGMs ie Guardian 4, Dexcom 3. Their websites list the phones and software systems that are suitable. I just purchased a Samsung A25 with Android 14 operating system.I t does not ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    We cannot underestimate the importance of the right quality advice on diagnosis. The wrong advice about complications, instilling fear as a means of encouraging good practice can have long, long term adverse impacts. The shock that accompanies diagnosis ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    The supply of insulin pens is not covered by NDSS. The pens are supplied by the manufacturers sometimes directly (contact the insulin manufacturer) or a Diabetes nurse educator however in the case of the NOVO pens they are available free of charge from ...

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    Does anyone know if this insulin pen is available through the NDSS? ------------------------------ Hunter ------------------------------

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