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  • Posted in: Type 2 - Connect

    Hello Geoffrey, my urologist is not happy that I am taking Forxiga. I have been a T2D for 35 years. I had some damage done to my urethra playing sport and as a result scar tissue grew across my urethra and I had to use a catheter on a weekly basis to ...

  • Posted in: Type 2 - Connect

    Hi Geoffrey, I have suffered from T2DM for 22 years and I am a trained nurse. I am hoping this explanation will answer your question about getting urinary tract infections. Having T2DM increases the risk of urinary tract infections and non-sexually ...

  • Posted in: Type 2 - Connect

    Hi Geoffrey, I had to give up using Ozempic after 4 years because it was upsetting my stomach. The cardiologist put me on Forxiga as it was best for heart support, and said at the time that UTIs were a possible side effect, but it would be better to ...

  • Posted in: Type 2 - Connect

    Hi Greg, thinking about my diabetes-related costs, I think I am quite lucky so far: GP, endocrinologist and optometrist (Specsaver) bulk bill; script is $7.70 a month, podiatrist is $38 every 10 week (my gap after Medibank rebate). $15 for testing ...

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