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  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Take a look at this from a professional re minerals ; https://www.facebook.com/reel/1527274471461689 ------------------------------ Cheers Cris ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Thanks Roger. Well I have heard about it now due to you. A search on google shows lots of information on it. The below site explains it well. https://www.verywellhealth.com/levemir-discontinued-how-to-switch-insulin-8557836 For me I don't expect ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Hi all I read on Reuters that Novo N ordisk is discontinuing the supply of Levermir in the US. They stated they have been informing the government and health professionals. As a user I've not heard anything from endo or pharmacy, both of whom are ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Good to hear from you Jock. I was wondering how you were. I once thought as you have described, and as hard as it may be to under-stand, no one has any right over any right over another further than flows from Natural Law or we cannot be created equal. ...

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