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    Posted 23-09-2020 10:03

    I have used NovoRapid for many years now and wanted to try the new Fiasp insulin because of the faster uptake.  I felt this would be particularly advantageous when eating out as you never know how long your food is going to take to arrive.  I was however, extremely disappointed to find out that it is not available here in the penfill cartridge, only either a vial or the Flextouch prefilled pen, even though the manufacturers, Novo Nordisk make the penfill cartridges.  I contacted Novo Nordisk to ask why it is not available here on the PBS and was told they could only select 2 options, and they opted for the Flextouch and the vial.  I believe that although the Flextouch is perhaps more convenient than the penfill cartridge, (really - is it that difficult to swap a penfill cartridge!), the advantages of the penfill cartridge far outweigh the Flextouch because of the following reasons:-


    1.  You're not contributing nearly as much to landfill;

    2.  It takes up much less space in the fridge;

    3.  You can dial up a half dose with some of the Novo Pens;

    4.  You have a dose memory and timing with some of the Novo Pens;

    5.  It is less bulky to carry;

    6.  And for the fashion-conscious, Novo Pens come in a range of colours and skins.


    Because of the above I believe there needs to be a concerted push to have the penfill cartridge either added to the PBS or replace the prefilled Flextouch.  I personally would prefer to have the Flextouch replaced ... who needs more disposables?!


    What do others think?


    Can Diabetes Australia/Queensland do anything to help this come about?


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    Posted 24-09-2020 07:06
    I absolutely agree about the need for a penfill for Fiasp. It is the only barrier to me using the medication, as I often need half units. If there is an opportunity to advocate for this, it would be helpful to potential users.



    Posted 24-09-2020 09:10
    Is there any information about its sensitivity to temperature ?  Cheryl's points 1, 2 & 5 important.  I would also add "small discrete package" and the need to manage sharps while traveling.



    Posted 24-09-2020 09:30
    Hello Jock

    As far as I'm aware it has the same temperature sensitivity as other insulins.  It is exactly the same as NovoRapid (aspart) but with niacinamide (vitamin B3) and arginine (amino acid) added which gives the quicker onset.

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