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  • 1.  funniest myth

    Posted 19-06-2020 15:16
    Hi All,

    Some weekend fun.

    What is the funniest myth you have been told in regards to diabetes?

    Live Your Life Community Team
    Natasha and Erin

  • 2.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 20-06-2020 18:20
    I have two -
    1.  well ... that means you'll never be overweight; and
    2.  that's good that your Type 1 - you just have insulin and that makes everything OK.


  • 3.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 21-06-2020 10:01
    Well I’ve had.....

    ‘You don’t look like a diabetic’! Not really a myth, but funny all the same.

    Ps. Can anyone tell me what a diabetic looks like. 😊😊

    😄 Jane

  • 4.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 21-06-2020 18:11
    This  is  not  particularly  funny,  but  it  is  the  greatest  joke   aimed  at  the  diabetes  community:.........."  A  cure  is  just  years  around  the   corner  ".    I  first  came  across    this  gem  about  5  years  after  my  diagnosis.     That  would  be  around  55  years  ago,  and  I  am  still  waiting.   Do  I  sound  a  little  bitter?    Nah,  not  really,  I  got  over  that  after about  40  years  of  type  1.                                                                                                                      Cheers,   Barry                 


  • 5.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 21-06-2020 16:04
    I have a few....

    1. People thinking you can not eat anything that contains sugar.

    2. People thinking a pump manages your diabetes. Attach and forget. Not so!

    3. The conspiracy theories about diabetes...rather than accepting what the medical professionals say. 

    4. That all diabetics are overweight. I've been told I don't look like a diabetic?!?

  • 6.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 21-06-2020 17:48
    Michele, I maintain that number four is down to a massive gap in the ongoing education of the general public when it comes to type 1 and type 2. So many think that we are type 1 because we have a poor diet. They do not understand the autoimmune side. The media is hugely invoked when it comes to blame for dumpIng T1D and type 2 in the same bucket.

    I am slim and exercise plenty to keep my weight down. I also have hashimotos (which is renowned for weight gain) and I am severely gluten intolerant so I watch every single crumb that goes my mouth. I find it sad to be judged by how I look!!

    😄 Jane

  • 7.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 21-06-2020 19:41
    Absolutely Jane. You've given me myth number 5 (not that it's funny, but it's a myth out there). 

    5. That T1's are responsible for developing diabetes due to poor lifestyle choices. And that if I looked after myself, I could overcome diabetes....they know someone who did it!$&@!

    Actually, another all too common one (true story) ..... 

    6. "Which type of diabetes do you have? The one where you need to eat lollies or the one where you don't?". 

    I find it easier to keep quiet about my diabetes because of this. I get sick of explaining! Maybe you're more patient than me Jane :).

    BUT there was the time when my pump alarmed for a set change and then a battery is change. I was at a conference and the participants in front reprimanded me for being so unprofessional not having my phone on silent. I apologised for the alarm and stated "sorry for the annoyance but it is just my insulin pump alarming which is pretty important as it keeps me alive and well". That was the end of that confrontation....they were very embarrassed. 

  • 8.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 22-06-2020 09:22
    Hi Michele and Jane
    I can so relate to "not looking like a diabetic" comments.
    I have also been asked if I have  'the bad type of diabetes - you know, where you have to have needles".
    I have also been asked why i don't get a pump thing so I dont have to do anything and can eat whatever I like.

    I have also had sympathetic comments like you must get sick of not being able to eat whatever you like - usually when I am  out together with a group.

    My flash sensor has resulted in a few questions and comments during summer and I try to use it as an opportunity to bust some myths.


  • 9.  RE: funniest myth

    Posted 15-07-2020 20:25
    I just remembered, Circa 1990 in Singapore on business. An otherwise intelligent fellow, that did not know I was diabetic informed me that one of the benefits of honey was that it did not affect the BGL of diabetics. I left him blissfully ignorant.
    I think that one is hard to beat.