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    Posted 10-08-2021 16:14

    Hi Members,


    There have been some posts on the forum about what items are included on the NDSS and what items are not. Below is a general guide of the process that happens in deciding what items are made available on the NDSS.


    Step 1: product needs to be listed on TGA then PBS

    Step 2: application is made to NDSS  to have the product listed by the company

    Step 3: there is usually a  consultation/review process overseen by MESAC  this is an example of the most recent one (01/2021) https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/review-of-cgm-products-provided-through-the-ndss#products-being-reviewed And for 2021 https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/national-diabetes-services-scheme-ndss?utm_source=health.gov.au&utm_medium=callout-auto-custom&utm_campaign=digital_transformation

    Step 4: DoH approval for listing


    In the past there was an opportunity for public consultation about the NDSS products however the last one was 08/2019. Not sure when (if) the next one will be.


    If you are interested in accessing new products through the NDSS the easiest way is to follow NDSS on Facebook or check the NDSS website for product changes.


    At this stage the product categories haven't changed (except for the names):

    • Blood glucose and urine monitoring strips
    • Continuous and flash glucose monitoring
    • Syringes and pen needles
    • Insulin pump consumables


    Really good link about products including the general amounts per year and obtaining a free meter - https://www.ndss.com.au/products/


    Diabetes Australia also contacts people once a year for the NDSS Annual Awareness and Satisfaction Survey (includes questions about their access to products).

    Live Your Life Community Team
    Natasha and Erin