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  • 1.  Replacement Pen

    Posted 16-05-2022 11:21

    Hello all

    Prior to losing them on a plane...

    Had been using a Savvio Pen for a long time to deliver Humalog

    As a reminder for time of injection had attached an Insulcheck-Classsic device


    I now need to replace both


    Has anyone been using something similar that, perhaps, records both the elapsed time since injection and dosage ?

    Lilly had a pen some time ago that performed both the actions in a single device called a "Memoir" which was taken off the market for a reason that was never explained


    Would be grateful if someone could supply a source to buy a new InsulCHECK CLASSIC



  • 2.  RE: Replacement Pen

    Posted 17-05-2022 09:03
    Hi john if you ring humalog hot line 1800454559, they will post pen to you for free.
    I use the humapen luxury H D, this one much higher quality then the  savvio, and can deliver half units, very helpful.


  • 3.  RE: Replacement Pen

    Posted 18-05-2022 08:34
    Hi Rex
    My replacement pen was dispatched to my local pharmacy and arrived the next day
    A good result 😊
    Thanks for your input