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  • 1.  Declining death rates in Type 1

    Posted 14-04-2022 16:25

    Hi. I am going to assert that there is a 100% death rate in all members of the community! I wish articles such as these were not published. They give people the idea that they are going to live forever! Perhaps some information on expected years of living with the improvements to treating Type 1 diabetics would be a better topic. 



  • 2.  RE: Declining death rates in Type 1

    Posted 15-04-2022 08:20
    Hi Chrissie, I concur with your statement that the Type1's  are presented continually  with false hopes and information. All my life I have heard false hopes to get grants or advertise a nascent product that might never come to fruition  etc. There may be multiple variables why death rates are declining based on which group are compiling the statistics. We hear continually about HBa1c levels declining  due to better control of blood sugars using a CGM by the major companies, however as we know only 50 percent of Type1's, the select few,  are given subsidies in Australia. Maybe the death rates are declining in this group as opposed to those not on concessions or under 21 years. Wouldn't that be a national disgrace leading those left out of the subsidies going on national TV to chat about such an inequitable scheme! Show me the 'numbers' so  I can make rational decisions!