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  • 1.  mindfulness activities

    Posted 15-07-2020 15:38
    1. Mindfulness can help lift your mood.

    Try these three simple tips to get into a more positive frame of mind:

    • 1. When you feel stressed, take time to stop, breathe deeply and be mindful of what's around you. What can you hear or see or smell?
    • 2. Listen out for birds singing, listen to a lovely piece of music, smell a flower or the fresh air or a piece of ripe fruit.
    • 3. Just close your eyes for a few minutes and think of something beautiful in nature or of someone you love, or a friend or pet who makes you smile.

    What mindfulness activities do you use?

    Live Your Life Community Team
    Natasha & Erin

  • 2.  RE: mindfulness activities

    Posted 16-07-2020 08:08
    I often stop and concentrate on taking deep breaths. I draw in through my nose for the count of 5, hold for the count of 5, and release breath through my mouth for the count of 5 at the same time thinking of somewhere I felt happy or peaceful.  I have found this to have a really calming effect.  It even lowers my blood pressure.