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  • 1.  Chocolate and dog

    Posted 18-06-2020 18:36

    After living here for almost three years and new owners I'm allowed to get a dog! I have been obsessed with chocolate ( and I'm not normally such but do get 70%+).  I follow a vegetarian diet with occasional fish, and recently bought an instant pot! How amazing are they? Great food and soup are delicious! 

    just gotta stop buying that damn chocolate


  • 2.  RE: Chocolate and dog

    Posted 19-06-2020 09:13
    Hi I’m Ann I have been type 2 for twenty years I am 66 this year I have been fortunate so far and not had any problems I take meds for my blood pressure and I’m on insulin I’m not a good diabetic and sugars have a range from 7 to 17 i have trouble that I eat things t shouldn’t has anyone got this problem and how if they do stop it
    Cheers Ann

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