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  • 1.  Airport Security

    Posted 27-09-2023 10:49

    I returned from interstate yesterday and went through airport security.  I travel regularly domestic and sometimes holiday overseas.  After moving through security I couldn't find my handbag., but found it held by security and agreed that she could look in it.  First my keys were thrown out then she almost tore the zip to open it the pulled out my medication then the insulin pens which I explained why I needed them. Also my chest was patted.  My thoughts are that some of these people are not educated in knowing that some travellers need to carry medication with them and to be professional in their actions.  No thank you  or apology offered.  My husband was in another lane with my spare medication package and was not at all questioned.   On our flights out we went through security and had no questions or searches.  So travellers, note that it can be different at other airports.


  • 2.  RE: Airport Security

    Posted 02-10-2023 11:56

     Hi Marna 

    I recently travelled to UK. I found a big change going through security this year. All staff I dealt with knew about diabetes CGM and sensors etc. Prior to goi g through I had identified myself as diabetic and my sensor supplies being unable to go through X-ray etc. No problems at all 3 airports I went through. Very different to last year where no one seemed to know anything about them.

    Unfortunate that you dealt with someone like this all adds to the stress of travelling.