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An update from Diabetes Australia - Airport Security

  • 1.  An update from Diabetes Australia - Airport Security

    Posted 26-03-2024 15:57

    Late last year we announced a project to improve the experience for people living with diabetes getting through airport security. This was in response to an increasing numbers of stories of people with diabetes having problems passing through airport screening when travelling with their devices.

    Yesterday, we convened a virtual roundtable to identify collaborative and constructive actions to address the issue. Thanks to device manufacturers, airports and their security services, government agencies, health practitioners, diabetes support services and (most importantly) people living with diabetes for sharing the challenges, and the potential solutions. We look forward to sharing updates and the outcomes of this collaboration as the project progresses.

    Help us spark change on this important issue by sharing your experience of travelling with diabetes medications and devices by following this link.

    Natasha, Ange and Anna

    Membership and Community Team