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  • 1.  Covid and Type1 diabetes

    Posted 15-11-2022 19:14
    It's an alarming time for all diabetics with the current lack of information by state and federal governments regarding Covid.
    I have not had Covid, had all my boosters, wear a mask and eat only in open air venues and still not sure if  I'm following the correct procedures when I witness so many in positions of authority stating "she's fine mate."
     The current statistics 2022, appear to mirror my concerns with "a study conducted in England during the first COVID-19 wave found a higher risk of in-hospital deaths in COVID-19 patients with diabetes than those without. Another study from the same period reported a 59.1% increase in death registrations in people with type 1 diabetes."  The same study suggests age and hyperglycaemia are critical factors for many of these deaths.  (See link to article below) Yet Covid is on the increase during November 2022!
    Also, how many Type1's even know that there is a recommended choice  with the Covid Anti virus drug ?
    The greatest concern is  that due to the lack of current information relating to the associated deaths, diabetes and Covid, many diabetics may suffer unnecessary and severe  illness.


  • 2.  RE: Covid and Type1 diabetes

    Posted 15-11-2022 21:39
    Hi Michael, I contracted it early in September. I phoned my GP who forwarded a script for the antiviral and it was delivered by the pharmacy within three hours. That stopped the downward spiral within 24 hours. The only after effect was a persistent cough, which after speaking with my pharmacist who said that it was common and caused by a post nasal drip, handed me a nasal spray to dry it up. It is a pharmacy branded anti inflammatory a bit like an antihistamine. That fixed up the cough within 2 days.

    Hope this helps.

    Adjunct Professor David H McKinnon
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    Edith Cowan University
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  • 3.  RE: Covid and Type1 diabetes

    Posted 16-11-2022 13:42
    Hi Michael and David
    Had Covid just recently. Negative 6 days after positive PCR. Felt pretty lousy for about a week with coughing mostly, but still able to exercise and clean venetians. I did not take the antiviral as I tend to react to medications and my doctor advised against using them as my symptoms were not too bad. Still have the post nasal drip cough after a month, but found sprays gave me nose bleeds. I use something some nights to dry up my nose but otherwise just putting up with it. Will see what my GP says when I see him next.

    Had 4 vaccines - 2 AZ and 2 Phiser. No reactions.

    I suspect I caught Covid on the return trip from Africa to Singapore to Australia. no one was wearing masks and I forgot till we got to Singapore where they were more in use, but not everyone and not many on flight to Aus.

    Family has been to Europe recently and they said no one is wearing masks there. Only checks were on arrival in Greece and Italy which I think were PCRs.

    Guess we just have to keep safe, eat well and keep our exercise going. And wear masks 🙄