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  • 1.  Covid and Type1's

    Posted 14-01-2023 07:21
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    I remember at the beginning of the epidemic Type1's were designated as being in the highest vulnerable groupings with masks being  imperative as was  hand wiping etc etc. Then it was 10 deaths per week now it's 112! I was just looking up the NSW Covid statistics and really the numbers of deaths have only increased throughout the community, and that's what's recorded by the department of health, statistics can be twisted, especially cause of deaths. The nursing homes are having substantial increases in deaths, however again not much reported in our media.
    I still wear a mask everywhere and wash my hands during and after shopping 🛒. 
    I have not read anything recently on the Diabetes Australia website reflecting the horrors of the virus 🦠.  The lack of information on the virus by the department of health and media requires others such as Diabetes Australia to take up the slack for the rights of the vulnerable and chronically sick.
    Do other Type1's on this forum feel the same as me or is it all just passé, get on the bus 🚌 and just shop.


  • 2.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 15-01-2023 06:51
    I agree 100%. It seems that Covid is now just '"Oh well , live with it" approach so information fron services such as D. A is vital especially when new varients appear I too wear a mask when I go to anywhere indoors, in a public space, on public transport and avoid crowded events.  Hand sanitiser is also my best friend. I asssume it's just a matter of time before  I  catch Covid and have a script for antivirals as I had heard some nasty stories of people trying to get a script once they tested posorive and it was difficult. My motto is use Covid safe practices and Be Prepared..


  • 3.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 15-01-2023 09:01
    Hi Michael 
    You Wrote "Do other Type1's on this forum feel the same as me or is it all just passé, get on the bus 🚌 and just shop.
    That's an individiual decision but here are some
     questions to consider:
    Are masks safe?
    Are they a breeding ground(high moisture + carbon + ntirogen, low oxygen) for problematic bacteria?
    In particular, bacterial pneumonia, which is believed by many to be the major cause of death in the largest flu epidemic in history circa 1920 when the populace was masked?
    Is washing hands constantly wise?
    With what?
    Is there a natural biome on the skin which has protection properties similar to the biome in the gut  which is the major part of our immune system?
    Are petrochemical surfactants such as sodium laurel sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate transdermal, cumulative and extremely toxic?
    Are the preventative measures more dangerous than the suspected disease?
    Re deaths:
     What determines a death being from covid?
    Could it be from masks?
    The vaxx/es?
    Was the pathogen isolated anywhere in the world before the vaxx was rolled out?
    If not, how was a test designed to identify a pathogen without a sample to test against?
    Is the cure worse than the disease?

    Strangely enough my first diabetes specialist, over 40 years ago, told me not to get too carried away with the florence nightingale  stuff.
    And in my district there were zero flu/etc. symptomatic(or dead) people anybody I knew had heard of until the vax rollout.
    Then a number.
    And a number of people that have had the vax are saying they wished they didn't due to  severe reactions.

    Frankly, on pondering the above, at this  stage I'll stick with vitamins, good food, fresh air and exercise.
     I could be wrong but there seems to be too many frequently unanswered questions re the covid stuff, in my  estimation.
    I'll wait until the answers, not opinions, appear.


  • 4.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 15-01-2023 11:23
    I don't know the answers to many of Cris's questions, but my personal reaction to Covid has been to get all the vaccinations, wear a mask when in busy areas (indoors or out) and wash my hands whenever I think of it - preferably with soap and water and probably not as often as I should. Having heart and lung problems as well as Type 1, I feel especially vulnerable. I was exposed to covid just before Christmas, which was worrying because of the doctors and chemists being closed down over the break. I live in a rural area so there are no 24 hour clinics or chemists. Fortunately I didn't get it until after the Christmas public holidays. My GP was very supportive and so was the local chemist and I was able to start on antivirals a few hours after my positive RAT. It was a bit of a roller coaster with symptoms changing and coming and going, but I survived and didn't need to go to hospital. I had Influenza A and pneumonia a few years back and spent a couple of weeks in hospital and then a few more on sick leave recovering. Not being able to breathe properly is very scary so I was very relieved my covid experience was nowhere near that bad.  My concern is that the vaccinations and antivirals are not keeping up with the continually changing covid strains, but since there's nothing I can do about that I try not to worry.

    By the way, I try to avoid petrochemicals as much as possible. I don't think frequent hand washing is too much of a problem, especially if you use a good moisturiser as well. I believe soap and water works best, I only use hand sanitiser if absolutely necessary. I prefer to use reusable masks and wash mine daily with soap and water and dry in the sun when possible.


  • 5.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 27-01-2023 12:54
    what a sensible person you are, congrats. I went on a cruise nov/dec and of course covid was rife and i copped it 4th dec. off ship 7th dec and by the time i got to a clinic 13/12 i was put straight into ccu with pneumonia and covid. I was one very sick female and when asked 1 to 10 i was given an 8. i was in ccu and isolated for 8 days and in daylight for 2 days and home 23rd dec. my PCR was still showing positive 2 weeks back and i have now had another one today. All of this with 5 vaccinations which if i had not had I would probably not be typing this.
    To all of those please keep up your vaxes. I for one am pleased i had all of mine. Not one issue with any of them. Isn't it nice to be able to breath again, although i am still having issues.
    Take care Janine and thank you for your common sense.


  • 6.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 16-01-2023 10:51
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    Hi David,  
    Hopefully we are all together on the same page giving Type1's support  during this horrific pandemic and there is so much truth and coherence  in your discussion.  It's tragic how many in the community have become complacent  amidst the worst virus of the 21st  century. (See table below)
     It's imperative to inform the medical professionals of any changes to health routines, taking extra supplements or individual remedies to achieve the best outcomes. Individuals making their own untested concoctions do so at their own peril. Chronic health care should be a team effort.
    At the start of Covid my endocrinologist raised with me how problematic masks can be without further educating the public. Just removing the mask 😷 without cleaning hands can lead to the spread of a virus 🦠. She changes her mask and wipes hands for every patient as most have very low immunity. I am highly appreciative  of her care and vigilance being  chronically vulnerable to the virus.
    They are still handing  out masks, giving temperature checks  at the hospital 🏥 entrance and informing patients of the necessary protocols of basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after seeing patients. Masks in  hospitals throughout the world are still standard medical practice.
    It is obvious that  our  health system should be the gold standard  in our community in terms of precautionary virus  measures.  Fears for an  economic downturn are clearly the obvious reasons for less stringent standards elsewhere  leading to massive problems for the chronically sick and vulnerable. 


  • 7.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 15-01-2023 17:42

    I agree wholeheartedly that the community's most vulnerable members, both here and overseas, have been thrown under the proverbial bus when it comes to protection from Covid-19. Even the most basic of measures like mandating masks indoors and compulsory high-quality clean air filtration in all public buildings and schools have been forgone in the interest of big business and their endless profiteering.

    Our leaders (government and business) have failed the community absolutely by insisting the damage being caused by Covid-19 is made nothing more than a by-line in the news and people are being lulled into a false sense of security that covid is a benign illness like a common cold when they are fully aware that for many individuals it is a death sentence and for many more, the impact of long covid is a debilitating chronic condition that is ruining lives.

    Every week new science is being uncovered to demonstrate that Covid-19 has serious long-term implications for millions of people, even those who might get so-called smiled cases. It affects all major organs, including the brain, and all around the world, including here, it is clogging up hospitals and hospital beds meaning other illnesses like cancer and coronary disease are going untreated or being forced to take second place for treatment.

     Because of the total lack of preventative measures, new strains are evolving like the so-called "Kraken"  XBB.1.5 which is declared by the World Health Organization to be "the most transmissible" descendant yet of the omicron variant. It went from 2% of US cases at the start of December to more than 27% by the first week of January. But we hear hardly a peep from State and Federal leaders and heal authorities about what steps they are taking to protect the community from this evolving disaster. I sincerely believe that history will look back at this time and view our political and business leaders as being criminally culpable in deliberately encouraging this virus to spread in a frantic attempt to resume "business as usual".     

     Everyone, most importantly our community leaders and those in positions of authority, needs to take this virus extremely seriously because at any point it may be them (through multiple infections) or their family and friends who are the victims of this pandemic. At the very least wear a good-quality mask in indoor spaces, not just for your own protection but to stop it from spreading to those around you.    

    David B.

  • 8.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 16-01-2023 11:22
    Absolutely agree with your post David  B. Hits the nail on the head.


  • 9.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 16-01-2023 12:32
    While the COVID regulations have been relaxed, we can still follow the the procedures that were initially put in place, especially hygiene and properly wearing quality masks (P2 or N95).   There are no guarantees and a high level of chance involved in whether we catch it and how it effects us in the short and long term.   All we can do is reduce the chance and hence risk of poor outcomes by following simple procedures.  I agree that masks can be contaminated, leak and are not perfect, but as the saying goes, we shouldn't let the search for perfection destroy the good. 

    Here are two examples of chance and uncertain outcomes: 

    1/ One of our friends is undergoing cancer therapy (chemo, radiation etc) so has a depressed immune system.  Her husband (both well into their 60's) caught COVID and was quite sick.  She also tested positive but had no symptoms and continued with her therapy.

    2/ Another friend in his late 70s caught the COVID twice and was quite sick but recovered each time.   His wife (retired GP) tested negative throughout both infections.   

    My wife and I (both retired and fully vaccinated) don't understand why most people don't wear masks.  So far, we have not had COVID and we wear P2 masks (Australian made) whenever we are with others, except for family.  

    In my retirement, I work with horses and people-with-disabilities.  We need to wear masks and often gloves.  This is uncomfortable, especially in hot weather when we probably walk 10 to 15 km per day with short busts of running.  We're occasionally exposed to clients, volunteers and staff who have COVID.   All of the other staff were not as diligent about wearing masks once the regulations were relaxed.  Each of them have had COVID (twice for a couple).  

    I don't want to be smug about  this, because, as I said earlier, that there is a high level of chance involved.  Maybe my mask wearing & hygiene has not protected me and maybe my wife and I have had COVID but without symptoms.  Maybe I'll test positive tomorrow, but I'll continue with basic protections.


  • 10.  RE: Covid and Type1's

    Posted 28-01-2023 08:41
    I agree with nearly all of you, this idea it is all over is nonsense. Like jock my wife and I have been careful all through the pandemic, mask wearing hand washing, and had escaped it. Until our daughter and grandchildren flew down from Queensland before Christma, two if the children did not keep masks on in the aeroplane. They were with us 5 days before one of them had systems. 
    So covid came to our house
    We both have not been well, rat tests were useless so delay getting antiviral, my wife especially. 
    So she not having type 1 has been worse then me, still quire unwell, with much coughing and shortness of breath, has steroid puffer twice a day.
    So is serious, not a little cold, as so many think, 
    hope you miss out on it jock.