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It's Spring - feel good, be happy!

  • 1.  It's Spring - feel good, be happy!

    Posted 31-08-2023 17:25
    Edited by Diabetes Australia 31-08-2023 17:26
    Hi Members,

    It's Spring - feel good, be happy!
    This month we are talking about feeling good, being happy and how you may be able to achieve it.
    During the month we would love to see your tips on how you feel good and be happy! Is it a walk outside, a cup of coffee with friends, a play on the floor with the grandkids, a swim at the local pool …
    Make a post, share a photo, lets start Spring feeling good and being happy! 

    I'll start with one thing that makes me feel good and happy - getting out and about holidaying with my 16 year old daughter, here she is last week at the Melbourne Zoo with a little Lemur friend. What a great day, walking for hours in the beautiful sunshine and enjoying the time together.

    Can't wait to see what makes you feel good and happy. 

    Let's spring into Spring - Ange.

    Natasha, Ange and Anna

    Membership and Community Team