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  • 1.  Magnesium deficiency and my dodgy health care team

    Posted 24-02-2024 18:37

    Type 1 Diabetic for 18 years (Tandem pump and Dexcom G6)

    A week before Christmas I went to the chemist, on an urgent mission to get myself some magnesium and almost reversed into a lady with a baby pram.  Note to self, do not park outside an Aldi before Christmas!  2nd note to self, do not mess with parents and babies at Christmas!  My brain was so shutting down.   

    For the past year and a half, I was getting stomach cramps and gastro, almost whenever I ate lunch or dinner.  I told my doctor and endo, but didn't get anywhere with them.  I may have left out one detail, that I was getting blind spot hypos, when I gave myself insulin or went from a cold to a hot room.  I guess I was scared of losing my license, as I had a two yearly checkup due to keep my driver's license.  It seemed bad when I ate meat, eggs, maple syrup and fruit.  I was relying on google doctor to help me.

    Anyway, I took the magnesium and feel so much better.   Especially with a glass of milk or some dark chocolate.

    I had my endo's blood test 5 months early, this January, as my liver was so inflamed.  My liver enzymes were elevated for the first time.  My doctor never rang, my endo never rang, my doctor's receptionist never rang.  And I have no dietitian.  I was completely self-diagnosing with the help of google doctor.  Thankfully I got my blood test, after 8 days, from My Gov, My Health record.  I guess because I have good control, I always get one endo appointment a year.  But now I have a 5 month wait until, my endo appointment.

    I rang my doctor's receptionist a couple of weeks after my blood test and they said they had not rung me regarding my January blood test.  But previously they admitted they had rung me for all my other blood tests.  The lady didn't apologise for not contacting me.  She said the doctor said 'no action required' and 'refer action to her specialist'.  So, I gave up and decided not to make an appointment with my doctor.

    Last year my doctor asked me if I had seen an optometrist, and if so why had he not received a letter from them?  I told my doctor I had seen an optometrist, and I was not sure why a letter had not been sent.  Two weeks ago, I saw my optometrist again, and she must have got my doctor's name wrong.  I have no idea if Specsavers will forward a letter on.  I did admit to her that I was getting blind spots in my vision.  I told her about the magnesium and liver enzymes, and she asked whether I was okay to drive.  I said, yes, as long as I take the magnesium.

    My diabetic educator was overseas last November, and she couldn't get an email address for my doctor to send back the signed health care agreement.  So, she emailed it to me.  I was feeling too unwell to drive, so I printed it out and sent it to my doctor via snail mail.  She said she rang my doctor several times.  My diabetic educator is excellent though. 

    The rest of my diabetic team, I am not so sure about.  My confidence has been completely rattled. 


  • 2.  RE: Magnesium deficiency and my dodgy health care team

    Posted 25-02-2024 08:59

    Hi Michelle.

    I use transdermal magnesium every day or I get cramps or wake around 3 AM which is the beginning of the Mg maintenance cycle in the body(Dr Richard Olree-Minerals for the genetic code). I use sea minerals( 40% Mg) which has both MgCl and Mg SO4 as well as just about every other necessary mineral in traces in largely bioavailble form.

    I also use celtic salt which I find very helpful as well. If I have a bad cramp I rub on the sea minerals and take some celtic salt followed by water and to the amazement of anybody around the cramp disappears in a minute or 2. If you want to get another view on sodiums' necessity look into the sodium/potassium pumps that are on every cell in your body and rely on Sodium to operate. 

    I'd love to know what the Mg has to do with the blind spots???

    I suspect the other problem with Mg deficiency  lies in the mitochondria where Mg is crucial.

    I note that many people seem to be suffering cramps(mg Deficiency) and mitochondrial problems seem to be surfacing now but in the past were never spoken of...interesting!

    Regarding your other comments, I concur, medicos seem to be in short supply(I wonder why?) and many are difficult communicate with at times.

    Good on you for doing your own research. I think it has help for too.


  • 3.  RE: Magnesium deficiency and my dodgy health care team

    Posted 25-02-2024 13:41

    Hi Michelle,

    Sorry to read about all your issues such as hypos etc and the lack of communication coordination between your medical care team.  
    I am sure your lack of communication between doctors is a common occurrence for many type ones diabetics and certainly needs to be addressed by your doctor or endocrinologist.   There must be a coordinator for chronic  diabetics. Maybe the Community team or others in the forum have further comments. 
    Secondly, like Crispin I take Magnesium Magmin due to leg cramps and kicking in my sleep like restless legs. There are so many different concoctions of Magnesium that it makes decisions extremely difficult on taking which brand. My loving wife says keep to the Magmin, not  a very scientific approach ! I have found many of the research papers on magnesium and cramping very nebulous. I have also changed my statins which made a huge improvement.  
    Gastro,  stomach cramps and hypos can highlight many issues  yet may also pertain to other concerns. Did you receive further support for your liver problems. Personally, I would ask my endocrinologist to be reviewed for gastric cramps and the recurrent lows to ease my concerns.  


  • 4.  RE: Magnesium deficiency and my dodgy health care team

    Posted 26-02-2024 18:57

    the word SALT springs t0 mind. 


  • 5.  RE: Magnesium deficiency and my dodgy health care team

    Posted 26-02-2024 12:27

    Hi Michelle, 

    I was very interested in your comments, as we all should be, on the lack of communication between you and your medical team.  I would hope that excellent communication between the GP, specialists and patients would be one of the foundations of excellence in medical practices  

    My local GP is sent all my medical information from my gastroenterologist, cardiologist and endocrinologist   There should be an annual review meeting that is subsided as a care plan for type ones and those with chronic health issues    I would certainly take up the with your GP as part of the care plan the need for all specialists and blood test results to be sent to  the GP surgery.
    The local GP should be able to direct you, as your coordinator, to specialists both privately and in the public hospitals for urgent and non urgent referrals and further discuss unresolved issues and concerns with the appropriate care provider.
    I have copied and pasted below from Services Australia information on the care arrangements  and the link for the full article. 

    "Chronic disease GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements

    Information for medical practitioners about supporting patients needing chronic disease management (CDM)."


  • 6.  RE: Magnesium deficiency and my dodgy health care team

    Posted 27 days ago

    Hi All

    I came across some info re Magnesium Glycinate. I have never used it but the source said that Glycine has a lot to do with the effectiveness of Mg doing its. job.

    I am not going to try to explain as there was quite a bit of info and I might stuff it up. If you want to check it out, google Dr Eric Berg DC on Mg and there should be a link in that video on Glycine. I'll probably try it sometime as I am not getting the long term results I used to from the Sea Minerals, Mg citrate or Mg malate.