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Question for Freestyle Libre users - Can you help?

  • 1.  Question for Freestyle Libre users - Can you help?

    Posted 11-04-2024 15:39

    Hi all,

    We have had the below question sent in by a reader of Circle magazine. Can anyone assist with some advice, please?


    I'm writing to ask if any Freestyle Libre sensor users out there have found if there are any patches which are effective for surfing.

    I have read all the product info and descriptions and read the reviews, but I haven't found anything from a user which is definitive about being OK for ocean swimming or surfing. 

    I'm also interested to know if any of them will stand up to the rigours of getting a wetsuit on and off. 

    I haven't had meaningful surf since starting to use sensors, but I am hoping that after this amount of time the information might be out there.

    Thanks for your help - Ange.

    Natasha, Ange and Erin

    Membership and Community Team