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Statins and Type1's

  • 1.  Statins and Type1's

    Posted 24-01-2023 10:59
     I have been taking Statins and have had the associated problems with this medication  for over 20 years. My cholesterol was just under the the normal designated level and I was advised by my endocrinologist to take the little pink tablet and ever since my cholesterol has remained unchanged for all this time.
    In fact, statins are one of the most prescribed medications in the world due to their stated effectiveness in lowering cholesterol.
    It seems that many  Type1's in Australia  and on this discussion forum are given statins to lower cholesterol, yet the statistics on exactly how many are very hard to find.  Are statins  for Type1's the normal practice by the medical fraternity?
    I initially started on a 20mg dose tablet of Lipitor and then changed to Crestor, however found that there were continual muscle aches. After years of deliberation my dose was cut back to 10mg however the muscle aching  returned, especially throughout the night until I recommence walking. 
    The medication  information leaflet clearly states that statins can lead to muscle aching and I have always thought  this is the least of my problems.
    I know that Type1's can have a multitude of leg complications such as neuropathy, circulation  and muscular problems. Add on top of that the effects of statins on muscles it becomes very difficult to ascertain the cause of the problems. Also, I used to ride a bike and my legs became very tired and aching at night. I could  never ascertain what is the cause, statins, exercise or something else.
    I have tried vitamins such as magnesium and CoQ10  for my muscle aches, however could never determine their effectiveness. This reflects current research  highlighting  inconclusive results for these supplements and the placebo effects.
    I eat oats to bring down my cholesterol however cannot state how effective it is due to taking concurrently the statin medications prescribed by my endocrinologist.
     I would be very interested in what others do or think about the effects of statins on their body. I will be having another chat/review with my endocrinologist for some answers.

    See articles below:

    "Statin is a class of prescription drugs that can lower blood fat and LDL-C levels or prevent the increase of LDL-C levels.

    It is currently recommended for people with T1D who are in one of the following situations to take statin. 

    • People over the age of 40.
    • People with a history of cardiovascular complications (all ages).
    • People with one of the following complications (all ages): retinopathy (eye damage), nephropathy (kidney damage) or neuropathy (nerve damage).
    • People over the age of 30 who have been living with T1D for more than 15 years.

    Even though studies have found that statin helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular events by about 21%, close to 40% of adults aged 40 and over who live with T1D don't use this medication." (Canadian Institutes of Health Research 10/02/22)

    Statin therapy offers life-long benefit against cardiovascular disease

    A modelling study indicates how statin therapy gives life-long protection against CVD with much of the benefit occurring in later life

    The benefits of statin therapy against cardiovascular disease (CVD) are life-long because a large share of that benefit occurs later in life according to the results of a modelling study by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, UK and presented at European Society of Cardiology congress in Barcelona, Spain.

    The 2021 ESC Guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice, highlight how the causal role of LDL-C, and other apo-B containing lipoproteins, in the development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, is demonstrated beyond any doubt by genetic, observational, and interventional studies. Statin therapy is designed to lower LDL-C cholesterol and a 2016 meta-analysis of 26 randomised controlled trials with over 170,000 patients, found that all-cause mortality was reduced by 10% per 1·0 mmol/L LDL reduction, largely reflecting significant reductions in deaths due to coronary heart disease and other cardiac causes.


  • 2.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 25-01-2023 09:15
    Hi Michael, 
    Only last visit to my endocrinologist he decided to put me on stating, I wasn't very happy about it, now 71 gas type 1 since I was 40 after hep B vaccination. 
    My cholesterol was 5.6 when he said needed the statin. I have always been around that reading. 
    I think there is pressure to prescribe them now.
    I have bought a cholesterol meter , Accutrend plus ,. So I can now monitor that as well as glucose. 
    Now 5.1 mmol/L. On creator 5mg , and have decided to take it every 2nd day, so have avoided the side effects, I have heard a lot of negative things about statins , so will carefully get cholesterol levels down.
    I feel more in control with tge meter.


  • 3.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 25-01-2023 10:55
    Thanks, Michael great topic.

    I also have been taking statins for some years. I have had T1D for 38 years, was diagnosed at 13 and started statins prophylactically at the age of 40 on the recommendation of my endocrinologist. My cholesterol has never been high; it was always in the normal range, but I was advised to take statins for cardiovascular fitness according to my endo. I only take 10mg daily as my Cholesterol is at the lower end of normal. I still consider myself very fit, I run daily and maintain my fitness. I do get aches in my calves and have always put this down to running, but now wonder if this is the effect of Statins. I also have no neuropathy.
    I wonder if there is any research into the benefits of taking prophylactic statins vs side effects in an otherwise healthy well controlled type 1 diabetic population. Am I just taking an unnecessary medication for little end benefit and potential side effects? 

    Phil M

  • 4.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 25-01-2023 11:19
    I too was on crestor many years back and had the same aches as you. I now take Atozet 20mg (pm) and i do not have any problems. My levels are always between 3-4. I have been on this tablet for a long time now. Good luck.  I love my butter and cheese and do not hold back.


  • 5.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 28-01-2023 18:11

    Re statins. Thanks Michael and others for yr input on whether to injest or not.
    My endocrinologist stated approximately 10yrs ago that I needed to be on Crestor 5mg daily for Type I and also heart disease in my family. 
    Cholesterol remains under 4 and thankfully I have no muscle pain.
    I am active and yes muscle soreness occurs when too much gardening walking  golfing or different activity occurs.
    I have had Type I for 58yyrs take magnesium and multi vitamins and will see my specialist soon to assess the latest!
    I know the recommendation will be to continue taking statins. 
    Difficult to evaluate at times what's good, important and necessary to remain in good 👍 health.
    All the best.
    Regards Sue M


  • 6.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 30-01-2023 10:42
    Hi Michael
    I find your comments very interesting, thank you for sharing.
    I have T1D from age of 21 and now 58. I have been prescribed statins for many years now due to a mildly elevated cholesterol level as a preventative.
    I consider myself reasonably well controlled and of moderate fitness and eat a sensible diet.
    I used to get a lot of cramps but now take a Mega Magnesium daily.

    I have recently increased my exercise - swim, ride, walk and Pilates.
    Some days, however, I can barely move for the pain in my muscles and joints.
    The nights are often the worst.
    I have started to take Panadol osteo but don't think it does much.
    I was wondering if it is neuropathy kicking in but after reading your post wonder if it is related to the Crestor??
    I might try and take it every second day for a while.
    I think I would have less pain each day so I can enjoy life ...


  • 7.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 30-01-2023 17:34
      |   view attached
    Hi Michelle,
    I'm bewildered how statins, such a widely used medication throughout the world for Type1's and type2's, are minimally discussed on forum pages. Also,  over the past 20 years  the little pink tablet has only been discussed with me when  I have raised questions of aches and fatigue  in my legs with the doctor.
    Statins are highly effective for a number of Type 1 diabetes complications, however do come with common side effects, widely written about on the internet. 
    Much of the literature states any changes to routines with Statin medications such as  the timing and stopping of doses requires consultation and reviews with the GP or endocrinologist. The Mayo Clinic article below as well as many other articles state emphatically when stopping statins to consult a medical professional due to the side effects.


  • 8.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 30-01-2023 18:01
    Hi Michelle,
    Crestor is very well known for aches and pains. I took it several plus years back and it was stopped by my endo. I now take atozet without a problem and have been taking them for ages. I am not your endocrinologist but I suggest you have a long hard talk with him/her. All the best.


  • 9.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 01-02-2023 16:41
    Hi Janet
    i to was out on crestor 10-11 yrs ago. Had severe leg cramps at night, cos that's when I took the meds. I worked out it was the creator. Dr changed to Lipitor then zimstat still cramping. Now on app simvastatin and all good. The Q about if or not to take was answered for me a couple of months ago. I'd had a calcium score test done about 7 yrs ago and result zero. I've never had Hal over 4 or ldl over 2. Asked to have another calcium score done in Nov 2022 score 210, statement said likely to have a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 yrs. Simvastatin was increased to 40mg had the aching legs for a few weeks but all good now. Have learned long term diabetes can build calcium up in you arteries my journey 62yrs since 2.5 yrs of age. Also our bodies naturally produce cholesterol to aid liver function, hormones etc. Who knew.  So I have found out that those blood tests for cholesterol levels are not always the true story


  • 10.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 04-02-2023 12:36
    Take care Leisa.
    On reading all the different replies, "me thinks" there are far too many types to be the magical cure. 
    In fact, I would like to know just how many different tablets there are circulating around.
    I have now tested positive for covid since 4th December and had 10 days in CCU, very sick. Right now My BSLs are sky-high and I am starting to be concerned and of course, it is Saturday.  Sal a vie


  • 11.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 31-01-2023 11:51

    Hi Michael and others,
    I was put on Statins in the early 2000s. The doseage was slowly increased to Lipitor 80mg. Then I saw a specialist at the Royal Perth Hospital who said that the doseage was "ridiculously high". He put me on 5mg of Crestor, and an uptake inhibitor called Ezetrol at 10mg. This was a "combination therapy". Still the leg, neck and shoulder aches continued. I stopped taking them. Pain disappeared. But, the LDLs rose to 6.

    Now I am on a monoclonal antibody called Repatha taken by injection once every 2 weeks and Exetrol at 10mg per night. 

    Net effect is phenomenal. Total Chol at 2.9 and LDL AT 0.3.  And, no pain. 

    Talk to your Doctor and Cardiologist. The injection coupled with the uptake inhibitor has to be made into a case for submission to Canberra. My family had the same problem of elevated cholesterol. Coupled with 57 years of T1, the case was easy to make. 

    All the best. 


    David McKinnon

  • 12.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 31-01-2023 16:17
    Hello.  My Husband originally took Crestor but due to aches and pains, he was changed onto Lipitor.  He continued to get some aches but not as he did whilst on Crestor.  I did some research on aches and pains related to cholesterol lowering medication, & discovered that Ubiquinol or the cheaper version Co Enzyme Q10 should be taken as well.  My Husband has improved since taking Ubiquinol.  As a matter of fact, I have now heard that as we age, our bodies don't produce enough of this,  & we all should be taking Ubiquinol or Co Enzyme Q10.  I take it too, now that I'm getting older.


  • 13.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 01-02-2023 07:09
    Hi I too am n statins.  Resisted them for years. My Chol was around the 6 mark. It reduced immediately to the 4 mark. I didn't get any pains even on creator but then I've had pain w fibromyalgia since I was 20. I'm much better now with those pains. I don't really believe that a cholesterol level is too worrying so I'm going to reduce to half.  The reason I was put on them was the BP was slightly high so I'm on tabs for that too. It doesn't matter which dose the BP is the same on all of them. Oh well so much for western medicine.


  • 14.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 01-02-2023 16:41
    Hi. I've had type 1  for 51 years and I'm a "GP".  I got a lot of calf cramps in the time of my wasting/peeing away pre diagnosis. 5years ago I had a heart attack , got stented t0 the' widow maker"  LAD artery  .  I had not been on a statin previously. Crestor (10mg) and Lipitor (20mg)  both induced awful night cramps 3-4  nights /week . They are more highly fat soluble and dealt with by a complex set of enzymes in the liver and this can get complicated by some drug interactions - I was switched to a lower potency (and less lipid soluble) statin pravastatin, less involved with the liver,  and take 40 mg/night - above that I seem to get cramps but with that my cholesterol is below the target 4, HDL and LDL all ok as long as I exercise sometimes (if I exercise regularly my numbers become very good as does ny weight). Some ethnic and subgroups are more susceptible to some side effects - indigenous Australians may get  more trouble with cramps and muscle breakdown on Lipitor and rosuvastatin . Asians people, especially Chinese, Korean and Japanese people) respond to lower doses than Caucasians and so on 
    Apparently if you're low on Vit D this can increase the risk muscle problems too. As with everything in medicine it is really complicated - talk to your doctors something is making life too miserable for you and keep in touch with them if you jointly decide to try a different tack


  • 15.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 05-02-2023 14:43

    Hi Michael & everyone.
    i am currently on lipitor 20mg./daily, increased from 10mg last July when 3 stents needed in left anterior descending artery.  

    pre increase to 20mg. Last July cholesterol 5.3, ldl-c 3.5, after increase to 20mg, chl 3.5, ldl-c 1.8., so a positive result there, 

    While on 10mg i was reluctant to take statin, used to skip daily dose, but after last July heart attack, best to follow Cardiologist advice.

    T1 for coming up 60 years, muscle cramps yes particularly in cold weather, at the moment not too bad.
    interested in Davids reply, thats a great outcome, i will discuss with GP  and Cardio next visit.


  • 16.  RE: Statins and Type1's

    Posted 05-02-2023 15:54
    Your Cardiologist should be the best one to make your case for Repatha.

    Adjunct Professor David H McKinnon
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