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Today is Walk to Work Day!

  • 1.  Today is Walk to Work Day!

    Posted 31-08-2023 23:00

    Hey there, Members (walkers!)

    Today is the big day – Walk to Work Day! We're excited to see how you’ve added some extra steps into your day.

    Tell us, how did you get involved in walking today? Did you take the scenic route to the office, enjoy a refreshing lunchtime stroll, or maybe even turned a meeting into a walking session?

    Share your inspiring stories and tag us with #WalkToWorkDay on your socials or pop them here in the comments

    Let's celebrate each step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. Keep up the great work!

    #SupportingDiabetesAustralia #WalkingForWellness #WalkToWorkDay

    Natasha, Ange and Anna

    Membership and Community Team