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  • 1.  vitamin Supplements?

    Posted 10-04-2024 12:51

    Hi Community team

    There appears to be a great deal of confusion regrading vitamin supplements w on this forum and their effectiveness for diabetics such as the efficacy of magnesium etc etc. Are we unknowingly being ripped off with supplements that are virtually useless and weeeed down the toilet? 
    Diabetes, chronic illness and confusion regarding supplements appear to go hand in hand and make us at high risk of being preyed on by multinational corporations and pharmaceuticals.  It is even more concerning that some supplements may even be harmful for diabetics.  It's always worth checking out with your doctor the benefits of taking supplements before wasting your money on supplements with disputed evidence of efficacy.  
    Further, I have found on most occasions there is a much cheaper generic supplement with exactly the same benefits as the more expensive brands. In fact, my pharmacist stated the TGA approved ingredients must be exactly the same in both products! 

    Would it be possible for an "expert" to discuss supplements or answer questions from forum members as I can only assume most members are taking some sort of vitamins or supplements.  

    My endocrinologist has recommended me to take Vitamin D and Calcium which I take every day in one tablet for about the last 20 years for bone strengthening.  

    I also take magnesium in the form of Blackmore's Magmin on the advice of a GP  many years ago for kicking and lashing out with my legs at night.  I'm most probably just wasting my money 💰 as sometimes I kick and other nights my legs are relaxed.  
    The only medication, not a supplement, besides insulin that I have been taking for over 30 years is statins, prescribed by my endocrinologist and approved by the TGA for being able to lower cholesterol. 
    To make it even more difficult for consumers,  😥 the TGA interestingly states that "does not evaluate the commercial sponsor's evidence of product efficacy before the product goes on the market, nor do we examine the final product and its label." ( see below)

    "Vitamins are subject to TGA market surveillance

    For low-risk medicines, the TGA does not evaluate the commercial sponsor's evidence of product efficacy before the product goes on the market, nor do we examine the final product and its label. However, we may review any product as part of our targeted and random surveillance of products on the market. Every year we review several hundred products in this manner.

    "If a TGA review finds that a sponsor does not hold sufficient evidence of their product's efficacy, we can, and do, cancel their approval to supply the product in Australia. Other forms of non-compliance, such as inappropriate or inaccurate labels, can also lead to cancellation. We regularly publish lists of cancelled products on the TGA website."


  • 2.  RE: vitamin Supplements?

    Posted 10-04-2024 15:14
    Edited by Diabetes Australia 10-04-2024 15:14

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your questions around vitamin supplements. In one of our previous editions of Circe (Winter 2023), which you will find here. There is an article from our Diabetes Australia Presents with Dr Norman Swan. There is also another article of this subject in the planning for an upcoming edition of Circle magazine.

    I have also posed this question for you as a case to one of our health professionals teams, and will come back to you when I hear from them.

    Thanks again, Ange

    Natasha, Ange and Erin

    Membership and Community Team

  • 3.  RE: vitamin Supplements?

    Posted 13-04-2024 15:52

    Hi Community team

    Many thanks for following up with vitamins and supplements.    

    Diabetics require as much information as possible to stop being fleeced by unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies with many unsubstantiated vitamin claims. Diabetics should be encouraged to save their money and health  and to always check the vitamin claims  with their doctor. 

    Two excellent recent articles in the Daily Mail are attached below

    REVEALED: The three supplements that are dangerous if you take too much - causing vomiting, blurred vision and even internal bleeding | Daily Mail Online

    Article 1.  

    Article 2