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  • 1.  World Kidney Day

    Posted 15-03-2024 14:19

    Yesterday was World Kidney Day!

    Sadly, diabetes-related kidney disease is one of the most widespread and potentially most debilitating and costly diabetes complications. An estimated
    330,000 Australians living with diabetes have chronic kidney disease.

    Most diabetes-related kidney disease is preventable if detected early but currently hundreds of thousands of people are missing out on vital checks that would support early treatment when it is most effective.

    That's why we, Diabetes Australia, have been calling for a National Diabetes Kidney Disease Screening Program to raise awareness of the checks and make them more convenient. This would help Australians living with diabetes get the checks they need to prevent kidney failure.

    Last year we released an important new kidney report, "Change the Future: Saving Lives by Better Detecting Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease". Read more about the report here.

    Natasha, Ange and Anna

    Membership and Community Team

  • 2.  RE: World Kidney Day

    Posted 18-03-2024 17:27

    Hi Community Team 

    The alarming statistics on the chronic effects of long term diabetes such as cardiovascular, kidney, eye diseases and neuropathy are horrific readings. Are these shocking statistics improving? Some of my friends with diabetes do have nightmares thinking about their plight. Sadly, fear has  my greatest motivator to maintain my blood glucose levels for over fifty years.  

    It appears that  keeping HBA1c levels below 7 is the go to number to reduce the long term effects of diabetes.   Further, with the advent of CGM and pumps hopefully the long term effect of diabetes will be considerably diminished in time.  Much more research to ascertain new technologies and opportunities for all diabetics to use these new technologies is required as soon as possible in Australia.  (See article below)