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How to opt in to the new connected community discussion groups

  • 1.  How to opt in to the new connected community discussion groups

    Posted 06-03-2024 13:55

    Hi all,

    We hope you are enjoying looking round, Diabetes Connect. 

    As you may have seen we have introduced four new topic specific connected communities for you to opt in to, these are available for anyone to opt-in to, no matter if you belong to the type 1 connect or type 2 connect open discussion groups.  The topic specific communities are: type 2 remission, food and recipes, technology and pumping and complications.

    Here's how you can opt in:

    How to join a topic specific connected community:

    1. From the home page scroll down the left hand side of the screen to the box called "My Connected Communities".
    2. Click on "View all communities".
    3. Change the second filter box from "forums to which I belong" to "Forums to which I belong or can join".
    4. Click the blue "join" box for for the discussion forum you would like to join. 
    5. Choose what email notifications you would like to receive. 

    Our recommendation is the below:

    Daily Consolidated Digest


    Weekly Consolidated Digest

    Don't Include

    Discussion Digest 

    I would like to opt-out of receiving email messages

    By choosing these options you will receive one daily email with a summary from each discussion group you belong to.

    6. Click "yes join the forum"

    7. You now have access to this discussion forum. 

    Please feel free to post a thread in any of these communities regarding the topic at hand. We hope this will make it easier to find, share and discuss information on these popular topics.

    Remember to reach out if you have any questions or queries. We are here to help.

    Kind regards, Ange

    Natasha, Ange and Anna

    Membership and Community Team