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Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM

  • 1.  Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM

    Posted 25-05-2022 09:53


    This is just a heads up about an issue I have had with my CGM which I thought others should be aware of.

    I use a stand alone Guardian Connect  CGM - Sensor 3 (no pump).

    On Monday I noticed I was getting low alerts but no sound alert. I only noticed the alert when I saw my phone instead of hearing the alert. This was a bit of a worry because I'm hypo unaware so I am dependent on hearing the alert to pick up hypos.

    I rang Medtronic and they said they did an update to the app on the weekend which might have impacted the alert. The fix was simple:

    - switch off all the alerts (under alert settings)
    - turn off the app - double press start on your phone and swipe up
    - turn the app on
    - reset the alerts and save
    - turn off the app again
    - turn on the app

    This fixed everything and I'm back to beeping away (probably not good though).

    Something to be aware of and I hope this is helpful. 

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had issues.