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  • 1.  NDSS Products Survey

    Posted 27-06-2023 17:38

    There is a survey that the Health Department has put out to get our views on NDSS products.  Here is what they say about it:

    "We are interested in your views on diabetes products to assist us in considering potential changes to the NDSS product schedule.  Please complete the short survey which will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

    The survey focuses on collecting feedback from people with diabetes"

    Doesn't take long and there's plenty of space to leave comments.  Here is what I put as a final feedback in case there's anyone out there who wants to access the latest products at a subsidised price (and I am thinking particularly about the Freestyle Libre 3)

    "There should be a way that those of us who want to use the latest version of NDSS products (such as CGM devices) to get them with some subsidy.
    Whilst the manufacturer may not be able or willing to provide the latest product product at the same price as the existing ones, there should be a
    mechanism whereby we can access these to improve our diabetes journey with a "gap" payable by the user until the product is available at a suitable
    price for the government to subsidise.
    Currently, we can either use the older product at a subsidised rate or pay full price for the newer version. Why is there no in-between point?"

    The link to the survey is National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) Products

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    National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) Products
    The site lists consultations that are run by the Department of Health and Ageing. On this site you can find, share or take part in consultations.
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    Martin (type 1 IDDM since 2000)

  • 2.  RE: NDSS Products Survey

    Posted 28-06-2023 12:51

    Thanks Martin. I completed the survey supplied through JDRF, but assume its the same.  I think this is important to do.  Apparently the government will be issuing a tender to supply products and they want to know what features and products are required.  This is a good chance to lobby for the Libre 3 (for the the libre users).  I think is also important to maintain the finger-prick technology as a back-up and cross-check for the CGMs.  I still use them but far fewer than before CGMs.

    If anyone would like to see my responses, please ask and I can send them directly rather than boring everyone else.


  • 3.  RE: NDSS Products Survey

    Posted 03-07-2023 14:52

    I filled in the government survey form last night, and mentioned about Rightest Blood Glucose strips and Rightest meters not being available at chemists in NSW, and how they seem more available in Melbourne VIC.  And how hard it was to get my long term chemist to stock Rightest strips.  Thankfully NDSS came to my rescue and they now stock Rightest strips.  But nobody stocks the Rightest meters in NSW.

    And how Circle magazine only advertises certain glucose meters.   Although the magazine has substantially improved.  There are some really useful articles in it now.

    Also mentioned Dexcom G7 and how it would be great to get access one day, although Tandem pumps need the algorithm written first!

    I also begged the Federal government to reinstate the delivery to our homes, of diabetes supplies.   Three visits to the chemist for 2 boxes of Dexcom G6 sensors is too much.  The chemist said the warehouse had cancelled my 2nd box of Dexcom G6 sensors, so they reordered it for me.  What a waste of time and petrol.

    I mentioned how shockingly under-trained some chemist staff are, dealing with NDSS supplies, as I cannot stand going to the chemist much longer.  They almost tried to offer me Tru Steel Tandem infusion sets on the weekend again (3rd time) and  I told them "I would lose my shit if they offer me Tru Steel".  I smiled and laughed when I said it, but inside I was close to losing it.  It seems when a chemist has 30 boxes of Medtronic supplies and only 2 box of Tru Steel Tandem infusion sets sitting on their shelves, that the two ladies got confused.   They couldn't even find the Rightest Blood Glucose strips, even though they were staring them in the face.  After 10 minutes of the ladies going back and forth from the shelves, I said "I will give you are clue, it has a big 'R'on it", I said sarcastically. 

    I swear I need alcohol before I go into another chemist for NDSS supplies!  Maybe I will just have to avoid weekend trips to the chemist from now on.  NEWS FLASH, THE CHEMIST IS NOT WORKING!!!!

    2 days later, I got to the checkout with the rest of my NDSS supplies and the lady in training entered the Rightest strips in the cash register 7 times, with another staff member trying to help her.  Another 10 minutes gone.  She had originally asked me to tell her, where the barcode was on the Tandem infusion set box, and I was unable to help her.  She did leave the cash register to go down the back of the store, and ask them where the barcode was on the Tandem box and eventually came back.  That was when she entered the Rightest blood glucose strips in the cash register 7 times.  She kept cancelling it out and starting again.  Stella!!!!  NEWS FLASH, THE CHEMIST IS STILL NOT WORKING!!!!

    I even had the pharmacist at one stage, a couple of months ago, standing next to the chemist assistant trainee, ask me 'how much do I think the chemists are getting paid for each box of NDSS supplies'?  I must have answered correctly, as they looked surprised when I answered.  I ended up with putting my hands up in the air, and said "Hey, I don't agree with this system!"  I guess they were angry about the Federal government changing things with prescriptions.

    Keep up the good fight all you Diabetics out there!


  • 4.  RE: NDSS Products Survey

    Posted 03-07-2023 20:27

    Hi Michelle, 

    I feel for you and getting supplies. I also agree that we were better off when the NDSS delivered.

    I have decided to avoid the uncertainty of the chemist visits and I use Stripped Supply https://stripped.supply/. There is a cost but I appreciate reckon it's well worth it, I have been using them since September last year and so far I have always got what I need when expected which takes all the stress away. 

    Martin (type 1 IDDM since 2000)